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Continuum    Showcase / Sci Fi Channel      2012-2014
In 2077, a group of self-proclaimed freedom fighters known as “Liber8” escape execution by fleeing to the year 2012, and City Protective Services (CPS) law enforcement officer Kiera Cameron (Rachel Nichols)i s involuntarily transported with them into the past.Premiering at the highest ratings on Showcase, Continuum has been hit both in Canada anad abroad, now in it’s 3rd season.


Flash Gordon     Sci Fi Channel                2007
The series, based loosely on the comic strip of the same name and incorporating elements from several previous adaptations, follows the adventures of Steven “Flash” Gordon, who lives with his mother in Maryland and whose scientist father was lost in a mysterious accident when Flash was 13 years old.


Masters of Horror Season 1 and 2    Showtime  2005/2006

This series amassed some of the greatest horror film writers and directors to bring the anthology series,  Consisting of 13 one-hour films each season, some of the directors included were John Carpenter, Larry Cohen, Don Coscarelli, Joe Dante, ,Marc Garris, Stuart Gordon, Tobe Hooper, John Landis and Bill Malone.


Don’t Eat the Neighbours    YTV/Granada    2001

Rabbit lives in the forest with his children: Lucy, Peter, and Emily. Wolf, who has been driven out of Canada by the Brotherhood of Wolves, moves in next door with his sons Barry and Simon. Although Wolf has a strong desire to eat Rabbit, his children develop close friendships with Lucy, rejecting traditional dietary preferences.

A children’s comedy series that originally aired in Canada the UK and  in 2001-2002. It was filmed mainly with puppets, but occasionally used computer graphics.


Aagh It’s the Mr Hell Show       BBC   2000

An animated comedy show created by David Max Freedman & Alan Gilbey after the greeting card line about a painfully honest demon created by cartoonist Hugh MacLeod.Notable characters in the series include Josh, voiced by Jeff “Swampy” Marsh, who attempts to start a discussion about reincarnation before getting inevitably killed, and Serge the fashion industry seal of death (an anthropomorphic seal), who wants to take revenge on the fashion industry for killing his parents. Mr. Hell also regularly has his own sketches, some featuring his illegitimate son Damien, the son of Mr. Hell and Angela an angel.



Ring of Fire      Sonar / Reelz  2012

The earth rumbles. Fire flows in molten rivers. The day sky is as black as ash. It’s beyond a warning. The end is already here. When an oil company’s state-of-the-art laser drill accidently reaches a dangerous mass of magma, it unleashes a series of tremors that rock the small town of Maple Glen.  Then, the unthinkable becomes a reality—the beginning of a domino effect that carries catastrophic worldwide implications—a connected volcanic system stretching from Yellowstone to Indonesia that, in a perfect storm of eruptions, could literally wipe out the planet. -Starring Michael Vartan, Lauren Lee Smith, Terry O’Quinn and Adam Darshi.


Eve of Destruction    Sonar / Reelz   2012

Some scientists that believe the key to renewing Earth’s natural resources exists somewhere in the universe, in the infinite mysteries of “dark energy.” Perhaps it should remain a mystery. The CEO of the renowned Proteus Group, in groundbreaking advanced science with an instrument known as the “Proteus Accelerator.” In theory, it will drill a hole in the universe, harvest a limitless pool of dark energy, and serve to power our world forever.  Yet teh consequences could be a worldwide disaster and a Russian lineman must stop the process before it’s too late.  Starring Steven Weber, Treat Williams and Christina Cox.


Riverworld       Sci-Fi Cahnnel 2009

War reporter Matt Ellman is in Singapore with his girlfriend Jessie, to whom he is about to propose marriage. Unfortunately, before he proposes, both of them are killed in a terrorist attack by a suicide bomber. Afterwards, they find themselves on a strange planet called Riverworld, where everyone who has ever lived on Earth has been reborn along the banks of a seemingly endless river. Riverworld functions as a sort of purgatory for deceased human beings to get a second chance. Based on the Riverworld books by Philip José Farmer, Riverworld stars Tahmoh Penikett, Laura Vandervoort, Jeananne Goossen, Alan Cumming, Mark Deklin, and Peter Wingfield.  It is written by Robert Hewitt Wolfe and directed by Stuart Gillard


Alice    Showcase / Sci Fi Channel     2009

A reimagining of the classic Lewis Carroll stories Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass, taking place about 150 years later with science fiction and additional fantasy elements added.  Alice was the most watched original mini-series on Syfy since Tin Man in 2007. Directed by Nick Willing


TinMan  Sci Fi Channel     2007

Starring Zooey Deschanel, Neal McDonough, Alan Cumming, Raoul Trujillo, Kathleen Robertson, and Richard Dreyfuss, the miniseries is a reimagining and continuation of the classic story The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, with science fiction and additional fantasy elements added. It focuses on the adventures of a small-town waitress named DG who is pulled into a magical realm called the O.Z., ruled by the tyrannical sorceress Azkadellia. Together with her companions Glitch, Raw, and Cain, DG journeys to uncover her lost memories, find her true parents, and foil Azkadellia’s plot to trap the O.Z. in eternal darkness. It became the highest raited miniseries of 2007 and was nominated for nine Emmy Awards.



Baby Sellers    Lifetime    2013
Inspired by true events, the provocative film “Baby Sellers” exposes the dark interational crime enterprise of infant trafficking. Kirstie Allent stars as Carla Huxley, a well-respected, influential owner of a major U.S.-based adoption agency that helps prospective parents fufill their dream of having a family. Menawhile, her innocent and kind façade gives way to a behind-the-scenes ruthless international controlling kingpin. It takes a dedicated and tough-as-nails Immagration and Customs Enforcement Officer Nicole Morrison, played by Jennifer Finnigan, to take the sordid operation down. Produced with Robert Halmi Sr. for Lifetime.


Hard Ride to Hell    RHI Entertainment/Spike TV    2009
A group of terrified campers attempt to outrun a gang of devil-worshipping bikers in this high-octane horror flick starring Miguel Ferrer and Katherine Isabelle (Ginger Snaps). They were just looking for a place to pop a tent; now they’re running for their lives. Texas can be a truly unforgiving place, especially if you’ve just stumbled into a blood sacrifice. Now, in order to escape their diabolical pursuers, the desperate vacationers flee to a remote ghost town and seek sanctuary in a derelict church. A chance encounter with a mysterious young boy and a malevolent priest, however, leads to a terrifying battle between good and evil that no mortal could ever survive.


100 Days in the Jungle   CTV     2002
100 Days in the Jungle is the true story of seven Edmontonians and one American who were flown to Ecuador for two weeks to complete routine repairs on a broken pipeline. On September 11, 1999, they were taken hostage by a financially motivated band of jungle-savvy, well-armed guerrillas. For the next 100 days, the men survived a harrowing ordeal in a jungle area spanning the border between Ecuador and Colombia.


Journey to the Centre of the Earth     Sci Fi Channel      2007
As luck would have it, Alice Hastings arrives and it seems she may be Lytton’s salvation. Alice is a wealthy patron who hires Lytton to find her missing husband, Casper, who disappeared while on a gold-hunting expedition in New Zealand. While Jonas is at first hesitant to accept the venture, he eventually reconsiders and accompanies Alice and his uncle on their journey. They are soon joined by McNiff, a somewhat unsavory character whose knowledge of the Maori culture and language prove him to be indispensable to their expedition. During their adventure, the group finds themselves barely escaping death after they fall into the clutches of a cannibalistic Maori gang. They continue onward and travel inside the mysterious caves of a volcanic crater. Facing death at every turn, they soon arrive at a mysterious underground beach that turns out to be – the center of the earth.


The Baby Dance   Showtime/Egg Pictures   1998
For this TV movie, writer-director Jane Anderson adapted her own play contrasting biological and adoptive mothers. Impoverished and pregnant Wanda LeFauve (Laura Dern) lives in a trailer outside Shreveport with her four children and her unemployed husband Al LeFauve (Richard Lineback). When Wanda spots the classified ad of a couple who want to adopt a newborn baby, she responds with a phone call that puts her in touch with a wealthy Los Angeles Jewish couple — Rachel (Stockard Channing) and Richard Luckman (Peter Riegert). The Luckmans arrive in Louisiana to meet the donors, and both couples deal with the legalistics, while also overcoming their fears and transcending the inevitable cultural and class barrier. Nominated for a prestigious Peabody Award.