Company Profile

Reunion Pictures, a Thunderbird Company, is focussed on the creation, development and exploitation of high quality intellectual property for the international marketplace. The company has been a success since its inception in 2004 and continues to grow its content base and international reach.

From offices in Vancouver Canada, Reunion Pictures develops and produces acclaimed television, film and digital content recognized throughout the world. The company is a collaboration between long-time industry leaders Lisa Richardson, Tom Rowe and Matthew O’Connor. Together they produced the 9-time Emmy-nominated mini-series Tin Man starring Zooey Deschanel and Alan Cumming, which was SyFy USA’s highest rated mini-series of all time. Other selected credits include Baby Sellers which had a special premiere screening at the UN and met much critical acclaim after it’s broadcast in the US and Canada.  Masters of Horror, was a unique collaboration of the genre’s most esteemed writers and directors including John Carpenter and John Landis which premiered on Showtime. Airing now is the fourth and final season of the acclaimed television series Continuum for Showcase, Netflix, SyFy USA and UK, which saw the highest specialty channel rating ever when it first aired and has an enormous fan base internationally. Also airing on SyFy and Aamzon is Olympus, a 13 part series created by writer/director Nick Willing.

Reunion Pictures and its principals have had partnerships with Showcase, TNT, SyFy, Hallmark Entertainment, Lifetime, BBC, CTV, CBC, The Movie Network and Netflix among others. Currently in development with broadcasters are the dramatic television series City of Gold written by Ted Mann (Hatfields and McCoysOpium written by Nick Willing (Tin Man, Alice), and The Teen Age created by Carly Stone and Jason Stone (This is the End).


Reunion Pictures was formed through a convergence of talent from three leaders in production: Richardson, O’Connor and Rowe previously worked together at Pacific Motion Pictures Corporation (PMP); one of Canada’s most successful production companies in the 1990s. PMP earned Emmy and Golden Globe nominations among many other accolades for their production including a prestigious Peabody award for ‘The Baby Dance’, which it developed, financed and co-produced for ShowTime. Richardson went on to form Dogwood Pictures. Through Dogwood Richardson produced many hours of film and television including the acclaimed feature “The Butterfly Effect” starring Ashton Kutchner.Dogwood, through Richardson’s tutelage, grew to be a highly respected and versatile independent film production company known for its excellence, its dedication to filmmaking and its partnerships.

O’Connor and Rowe went on to become executives in the motion picture and visual effects company, Sextant Entertainment. While at Sextant Entertainment, O’Connor and Rowe oversaw the development, financing, production and distribution of a number of television movies, mini-series and episodic productions. ‘100 Days In The Jungle’ won the Gemini Award for Canada’s best television movie. It also enjoyed significant foreign success. Sextant Entertainment had successful partnerships with Hallmark Entertainment, Carlton International, Granada Television, BBC, Pilot Productions, CTV, The Comedy Network and more. Its business included development, production, financing, animation, visual effects and distribution.

The partners came together again to form Reunion Pictures in 2004. 2013 saw the acquisition of Reunion Pictures by Thunderbird Films, solidifying a long-standing relationship and ensuring high quality production and distribution across the two company’s brands. In this latest move, O’Connor, Richardson and Rowe, will continue to produce under the Reunion brand delivering high quality and entertaining content.